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Antenna Switch Modules Deliver On Talk Time


To help minimize handset complexity, Skyworks Solutions, Inc. has expanded its family of gallium-arsenide (GaAs) switch products. The two new antenna switch modules are specifically designed for next-generation cellular handsets. They support all of the key wireless standards. At the same time, they work to meet the stringent cost and small-size requirements of global handset manufacturers.

The AM107-602 dual-band antenna switch module operates on the Enhanced Global Standard for Mobile Communications (E-GSM) 900 and Digital Cellular System (DCS) 1800 bands. This module was designed to provide an alternative to PIN diode-based products. It promises improved insertion loss and lower current drain in all conditions, which leads to increased handset talk time. During transmit mode, this solution will draw 5 µA. A PIN diode module draws 5 to 10 µA typical.

Additional features of the new module include integrated SP2T GaAs switches, a decoder for two-line control, low-pass transmit filters, and a diplexer. It comes packaged in a 12-pin, 5.4-×-4.0-×-1.6-mm land-grid-array (LGA) module. This makes it one of the industry's smallest antenna switches.

Its sibling, the AM108-603, is a triband GaAs-based antenna switch module operating on the GSM 900, DCS 1800, and PCS 1900 bands. Compared to competing products, this module delivers similar insertion loss. Yet it boasts lower current drain in all states (typically under 5 µA in receive).

Because of its integrated decoder chip, the AM108-603 allows the handset designer to choose from a variety of switching topologies. For example, the high band can be turned off while transmitting in GSM mode. This function allows for isolation to be improved by 20 dB between DCS/PCS receive and the antenna. In addition, this module includes SP2T/SP3T GaAs switches, a decoder for three-line control, low-pass transmit filters, and a diplexer. The AM108-603 is packaged in a 12-pin, 6.7-×-5.0-×-1.7-mm LGA module.

Both modules are based on the company's low-temperature co-fired ceramics (LTCC) technology. They are available now. The AM107-602 is priced at $0.95 in quantities of 10,000. In the same quantities, the AM108-603 costs $1.25.

Skyworks, Inc.
20 Sylvan Rd., Woburn, MA 01801; www.skyworksinc.com.

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