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App Reduces Graphics Programming Time

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Addressing the time-consuming task of writing graphics code for embedded targets, DeepScreen 1.0 software generates the code for these graphics displays, producing both the framework and the drawing and rendering commands. With the aid of this application tool, programmers can design systems with highly complex graphical user interfaces without first writing graphics code. The software handles the code for static and animated graphics. The app also features code generators for a variety of real-time operating systems and processors that require no modification. Supported processors include StrongARM and Hitachi CPUs running Windows CE, with future operating system support scheduled to come from QNX, VxWorks and Linux, depending on customer demand. DeepScreen 1.0 is used in conjunction with Design 4.5, an easy-to-use graphics-design environment. Prices for DeepScreen start at $25,000 and Design 4.5 prices start at $10,000 for single-node locked licenses.

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