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Application Claims To Be First Interactive Schematic-Based Tool

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Claiming to be the first interactive schematic-based tool for probe-less electronic system debugging, the Schematic Logic Probe application is a software realization of traditional tools used for debugging such as paper schematics and physical probes. Users can control and observe electronic system operation via a software configurable schematic of the system's design and a standard IEEE 1149.1 interface. The observed system logic read in are then annotated on the displayed schematic. Users have the ability to change logic values on the schematic by clicking on a device pin or net.
Features of the application include non-intrusive probing of the PCB or system, no limit to the number of nets or pins that can be probed simultaneously, a three-state display showing high, low or Z on three-state pins and bi-directional output pins, and programmable test capabilities through interfaces to the company's Eclipse Scan diagnostic system. Pricing is $1,995.

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