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Apps Combine To Form Powerful Development Tool

Rtview's SurroundView application monitoring tool technology and the firm's Nucleus PLUS kernel have been combined to create Nucleus ProView, a real-time advanced profiler. The two products may be used independently or together sharing the same display and analysis environment. The combined applications provide the means to fully understand dynamic interactions between system objects such as tasks, interrupts, semaphores, queues, mailboxes, timers, and signals. Developers can see why a specific task was suspended and for how long, how much CPU time each task consumed, when a message was written to a queue and when it was read, and when a semaphore was taken. Data collection may be triggered through a system call or dynamically from the host, and data may be saved to a non-volatile memory or on the host for future analysis.

Company: ACCELERATED TECHNOLOGY INC. - Sales Department

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TAGS: Components
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