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ARM-Based SoC Speeds Product Development

The LH79520 system-on-a-chip (SoC) is said to put high-performance and color display capability within the reach of portable device manufacturers by reducing component count and power consumption. The LH79520 is a 32-bit ARM720T SoC featuring an integrated programmable color LCD controller supporting up to 800x600 resolution, up to 64,000 colors and 15 gray shades and allows the direct interface to STN, Color STN, TFT, DMTN and TFT panels. Low power consumption at 75 MHz is made possible by using advanced manufacturing techniques at state of the art semiconductor fabrication facilities. Further power savings are made possible by a power control mechanism that enables software to turn off sections of the chip which are not in use at any given time. Customers designing with the LH79520 will be able to draw from an array of software development tool kits available for the ARM720T architecture. Samples will be available in the third quarter with production scheduled for Q1 2002. The LH79520 is priced under $9 each/10,000.

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