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Auto Graphics Display Controller Series Undergoes Expansion

The latest member of the company’s series of 2D and 3D automotive graphic display controllers, the MB86292 Orchid provides all the basic capabilities included in the Scarlet version. The new device adds a memory interface that can link up to 32 MB of SDRAM or FCRAM. It also includes four layers of overlay display, digital video input, video scalar, an I2C interface, and a geometry processor. An external video input captures video signals in RBT-ITU656 YUV4:2:2 format. Other features include support for alpha blending, anti-aliasing, chroma-keying, and picture-in-picture functions. Operating on 3.3V I/O and 2.5V internal supply voltages, the controller comes in a 256-pin QFP. Prices start at $24 each /10,000. FUJITSU MICROELECTRONICS AMERICA INC., San Jose, CA. (800) 866-8608.

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