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Automotive And Aerospace Designers Gain A Simulator

Simulation functionality is now available to designers of automotive and aerospace electrical systems in the 2008.1 release of Mentor Graphics’ CHS design software. The release makes these capabilities inherently available within the core Capital Logic and Capital Integrator tools.

Previously available as additional modules, both qualitative (behavioral) and numerical simulation is now included within the core tools at no extra cost. The electrical simulation capabilities are designed to be used by every electrical designer and not just simulation experts. Results such as current flow and voltage drop are displayed directly within the design environment. This helps engineers visualize how their designs function, supports decision making, and aids early debugging.

Several other enhancements to the CHS simulation capabilities are also made at this release. In addition to user-interface improvements and simplified software installation, Mentor now provides a starter library of simulation models and has added grouping to simplify co-simulation of multiple designs.

CHS is a fully integrated application suite for electrical system design, electrical analysis, system integration/wiring design and harness engineering. It has powerful embedded data-management capabilities (vehicle configuration management, workflow control, design comparison, and more). CHS is architected for large organizations (multi-user, multi-site) and includes substantial enterprise integration capabilities.

For pricing and delivery details, contact Mentor Graphics directly.

Mentor Graphics

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