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Benchtop Troubleshooting System Offers Up Low-Voltage Test Ranges

The benchtop Tracker 2700 with SigAssist gives test engineers and service technicians manual benchtop access to many testing capabilities of the company's ProTrack 1 Model 20 Tracker troubleshooting system. The 2700 features a color LCD for signature and menu display, a built-in dc voltage source, dual channels, and over 100 range combinations. Users can troubleshoot the analog and digital components and circuits found in the latest telecom, computer, IT, and military systems. The variable 5-V dc generator allows users to test SCRs, optical couplers, and other gate-fired devices in both "on" and "off" states. With SigAssist, the Tracker 2700 displays real-time computed numerical values. It also displays the unique current/voltage signature of the device under test. The Tracker 2700 system costs $2595.

Huntron Inc.
www.huntron.com; (800) 426-9265

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