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Broadband Amplifiers Sport Modular Design

Broadband Amplifiers Sport Modular Design

In the BBA100 broadband-amplifier system, designers will find a flexible and advanced amplifier with a modular design that allows users to select frequency range and output power to suit their requirements. The system’s built-in expansion capability lets individual amplifier modules be replaced quickly and easily. The BBA100 system is suited for EMC applications in test houses and the electronics and automotive industry. Initially, the amplifier will have three frequency bands that cover the range from 9 kHz to 1 GHz and provide power up to 500 W. The base unit includes comprehensive control functions. The integrated system controller, for example, controls the frequency bands, switches the system components and monitors the system. Many previously external components are now integrated so that even complex test setups and amplifier systems can be implemented easily. The basic version of the R&S BBA100 features up to three individually configurable interlock circuits that are each assigned to an RF path. This innovative safety concept makes it possible, for example, to work on the test setup or a DUT in one room while a test is being performed and RF power is output in another room. The system can be scaled and configured to optimally meet the test setup requirements and can be operated via a fully graphics-capable color display that shows the status of the amplifier system in detail and makes navigation intuitive. ROHDE & SCHWARZ, Munich, Germany. +49 89 4129 13774 or (888) 837-8772.



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