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Budget Scopes Boast Six Times More Memory

The 1000B Series oscilloscopes, from Agilent, including four two-channel models with bandwidths from 50 MHz to 150 MHz, propose to offer powerful capabilities for educational institutions, engineers, technicians and hobbyists on limited budgets. All models in the 1000B Series are equipped with a color LCD display and up to 16 kpts of memory per channel, giving the scopes up to six times more memory than other scopes in its class. The oscilloscopes provide a 1-GS/s sample rate and can display 23 automatic measurements, including those made with a built-in frequency counter. The scopes offer go/no-go mask testing capability and advanced capabilities like sequence mode and recording and replaying up to 1,000 occurrences of a trigger. The user interface and front-panel labels are available in 11 languages to support worldwide teams. Also included are USB connections and an educator kit to aid teachers and professors in teaching essential oscilloscope skills. Pricing for the 1000B Series oscilloscopes is $790 (50 MHz), $990 (70 MHz), $1190 (100 MHz), and $1589 (150 MHz).


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