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C-Programmable Embedded Computer Has Built-In GUI

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Capable of being either commanded remotely via a PC or used as a stand-alone unit, the SmarTouch controller is targeted for use in products requiring a smart user interface, computational power, analog and digital I/O, and serial communications. The unit melds together a powerful, real-time embedded computer, 128 x 240-pixel display, 5" x 4" touch-screen for controlling the unit’s graphical user interface (GUI), and menuing software--all the ingredients needed to control machines, embedded systems, and other equipment by using on-screen buttons, menus, graphs, and bit-mapped pictures. Other features of the 16-MHz 68HC11F11-powered SmarTouch include hundreds of pre-coded device drivers, 256K of flash and 128K of RAM, two RS-232/RS-485 ports, 48 analog and digital I/O lines, eight 12-bit A/D inputs, and more. The controller is programmable in either C or Forth and is available in standard and enhanced configurations, as well as in a starter kit.

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