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Cable Tester Also Checks Resistors And Diodes

The Signature 1000RX cable/harness tester can snoop out opens, shorts, and incorrect wiring in cables, harnesses, and other components, such as resistors, diodes, and so forth. Self programming, the system comes standard with 128 test points and expands to 256 test points via an optional add-on box. Connection resistance thresholds can be set from 0.1Ù to 10 kÙ, while LV Insulation resistance thresholds can be set from 100 kÙ to 5 MÙ. The tester displays point to-point wire lists and errors on its 2 x 16 LCD and includes a parallel port for attaching a printer. An optional serial interface is also available. Single-unit price is $955. CIRRIS SYSTEMS CORP., Salt Lake City, UT. (800) 441-9910.


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TAGS: Components
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