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This is the body of the article.  Here's how it looks.  The tool has a WYSIWYG tool that is improved in the latest version of the platform.  The tool allows you to format your article and insert images, stuff like that.  You'll see several tabs at the top of the tool.  The Required tab is all required fields in case you just want to create a placeholder article and come back later to fill in the rest.  You can move between the tabs when entering your article without losing anything - everything gets added, then saved all together.  There's also an (all) tab in case you prefer to see all fields on one screen.

The image tool doesn't seem to impose size limitations on the image, so please use your best Heres a picture of Joejudgement.  The uploaded file should be at least close to the final display size, although you can adjust the display down a bit if you need to in order to make it display properly in the article.  When you display larger than the actual image, you get some distortion, so please don't size an image smaller than you want it to display.  To include an image, you have to go to the Files tab and upload it first and can add it to the article and format it from there.

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