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Cambridge and Armour Offer Internet Radio With The Q2 Cube

Cambridge Consultants and Armour Group PLC will demonstrate their Q2 Cube, an internet radio, at IFA Berlin this September before its release during the Christmas season. The radio, designed for home use, features four radio stations that can be changed by physically turning the radio on different sides to show four different “live” faces, indicated by different graphics.

A fifth “face” is a volume control that works by tipping the Cube forwards or backwards on one of its bottom-edges. All this movement is sensed by an accelerometer in the device. According to Cambridge, the user interface differs from traditional radios as it does not require dial tuning with knobs and switches, and does not feature a display.

“To set up the cube, users can select radio stations via a PC or Mac-friendly application that is loaded onto their computer. After the selections are made, users only need to hook up the Q2 Cube Radio via a cable and sync the radio. After that is complete, they can then disconnect and logoff from their computer and enjoy,” said Rachel Harker, Business Development Manager for Cambridge Consultants.

Stations are wirelessly streamed to the Q2 Cube directly from a home’s wireless router connected to the Internet, and can be accessed throughout the home via the 802.11 b/g wireless standard. Although not confirmed, Harker expects that users will be able to select or switch any of the four pre-set stations at any time for free via the online interface.

A website is under development, which will go live in conjunction with the retail launch of the Q2 Cube Internet radio in time for the winter holiday shopping season. In the interim, interested parties can register at www.q2rad.io ahead of the Q2 Cube’s arrival.

Armour will introduce the Q2 Cube this autumn and it will be available for purchase before Christmas. The device is based upon a Cambridge concept exhibited at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and had a nine-month transition from concept to market, says the company.

Cambridge Consultants

Armour Group PLC

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