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Capacitor Simulation Apps Improve PC-Based Design Process

The latest version of SpiTanII software allows designers to view all basic characteristics and parameters for tantalum and niobium oxide capacitors. The company has also expanded the PSpice simulation software libraries for its tantalum, tantalum polymer and niobium oxide chip parts as well as introducing V6.0 of the Select-a-Cap software tool. The three software tools promise to significantly improve the PC-based design-in process for tantalum and niobium oxide capacitors. SpiTanII enables designers to choose a desired component by part number or by reference to capacitance, rated voltage, case size, or series. For the selected capacitor, all basic parameters, i.e., frequency characteristics, ESR, impedance, DF, ripple current, and ripple voltage, are displayed. The PSpice simulation software libraries add about 500 models to match the product range covered by SpitanII V1.7. Libraries include all electrical parameters, enabling fast simulation of practical circuit designs. Version 6.0 of Select-a-Cap software extends coverage to the latest ranges of OxiCap NOS, NOM, TLJ (high CV tantalum) and TAW (fuse tantalum) Series as well as all series that belong to TACmicrochip design. For more details, call AVX CORP. Myrtle Beach, SC. (843) 448-9411.

Company: AVX CORP.

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