Wireless Systems Design

Carrier Monitoring System Makes Very Fast Sweeps

Combining fast signal acquisition, signal classification, multiple software-defined radio receivers, and other functionality in a rugged, lightweight 1-RU form factor, the RV3500 Remote Signal Intelligence System is well-suited for a number of real-time signal-collection applications. The software/hardware platform from Tampa Microwave performs fast HF spectrum sweeps, allows proprietary interfacing for analyzer control and data display, and enables multiple users to remotely and simultaneously view different portions of the spectrum.

Designed with FFT-based sweeps and multiple parallel processing units, the RV3500 sweeps at speeds up to 50 GHz/s within the instantaneous stare band (ISB). The system can also achieve speeds of up to 7.5 GHz/s over the entire span in approximately 0.5 s. This rapid energy detection facilitates the use of lower RBWs to separate tightly grouped signals without sacrificing speed and to ensure that no signals of interest are missed. The platform supports multiple channels and can hand off signals within the ISB to any software-defined radio for demodulation and recording. Users can access up to 16 streams of real-time, streaming digital audio via the TCP/IP from one or multiple authorized PCs around the world.

The RV3500 is available in a 19-in. rack-mount chassis. It features virtual front panel software that allows users to view and control the analyzer from any location in real-time via an Ethernet, modem, or wireless modem connection. For further information, check out www.tampamicrowave.com.

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