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Cars And Whiteboxes

Fujitsu delivers solutions to a wide variety of applications but two major ones are the automotive space and consumer appliances. It has quite a number of new announcements and products on display but I will just touch on a couple of the more interesting ones.

FlexRay is definitely hot. Fujitsu’s MB91F465X is a 32-bit microcontroller with a built-in FlexRay controller targeted at driver assistance applications. The 2-channel controller is based on the E-Ray core licensed from Robert Bosch GmbH. Its 8Kbytes of message buffer memory supports 218 different identifiers. The is built around the 100MHz Fujitsu FR 70 core. It comes with a 4Kbyte boot ROM, 544Kbytes of flash memory with read-out protection and 32Kbytes of RAM. It also has 17-channel 10-bit ADC. Samples in 100-pin FPT packaging are available for $8.27.

Looking towards high-performance control of home appliances like refrigerators, washers and dryers, Fujitsu is offering its 80MHz, 32-bit MB91F487. The chip can drive a pair of motor inverter controls. It includes the matching timer and sensing support for high end motor control. The MB91F487 comes with 512Kbytes of flash and 32Kbytes RAM. It comes in 100-pin LQFP packages. Volume pricing starts at $9.20.


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