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CFL BACKLIGHTING-To assure that LCDs are clearly and accurately viewed, the firm develops and manufactures LCD backlighting modules that include cold cathode fluorescent tubes (CFLs), light pipes, and inverters. A wide range of CFL lamps of various shapes, diameters and colors may be purchased separately or combined with other light sources such as LEDs, sub-miniature lamps and ELs. In addition to LCD backlighting, other applications for the CFLs include office automation equipment, instrument panels, displays, scanners, illumination of measuring devices and decorative lighting. CFLs offers such features as uniform high-brightness, low heat generation, low power consumption and long life. The company also designs and manufacturers its own dc/ac inverters, which embrace noise levels lower than a sine pulse output, a built-in current fuse, and are undamaged from open or short circuits.

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