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Color TFT LCDs Use White Subpixels To Enhance Brightness

By adding a white subpixel to the three subpixels used to generate a color LCD's three primary colors, the company is said to have created the industry's first four-color channel TFT LCD. The white subpixel is said to preserve the luminance of a LCD's fluorescent backlight, as the backlight is transmitted through the clear white subpixel instead of a colored filter. The LCD is said to increase luminance by 30% to 70% while consuming the same amount of power as conventional components. And at an equivalent luminance level, it dissipates about 50% less power. White subpixel technology has been demonstrated in LCDs ranging from 2" to 17". For more details, call Steve Hwang at SAMSUNG SEMICONDUCTOR, San Jose, CA. (408) 544-4880.


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