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Compact COG Modules Deliver128 x 64 Resolution

Employing chip-on-glass (COG) construction, the AQM1264C-FL-YBW-T and AQM1264J-FL-YBW monochrome displays provide a 128 x 64 resolution with built-in yellow-green LED backlights. The modules integrate a LCD controller (Novatek NT7538H) with a dc/dc converter that lets them operate from a 3V supply and the controller chip allows users to write data to the displays in parallel mode. A flexible printed circuit provides the main physical interface, which plugs into a standard ZIF socket. Other features include a viewing area measuring 70.7 mm x 38.8 mm, touch panel, mounting holes (AQM1264C series), and a parallel interface. AZ DISPLAYS INC., Aliso Viejo, CA. (949) 360-5830.


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