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Compact Operator Interface Boasts Of High Functionality

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Designed for applications that require a small, low-cost operator interface solution, the PanelView 300 Micro increases the efficiency of applications that otherwise could not be configured with a graphical operator interface. Measuring 5.23" long by 4.38" wide by 1.39" deep, and weighing 10 oz., the PanelView 300 is compatible with the company's MicroLogix and SLC 500 controller families.
With DF1 and DH-485 communication options, the PanelView 300 and MicroLogix controller team up to create a compact solution for applications where space is at a premium. The interface features a 3.2" diagonal monochrome display for presenting text-only or low-end graphical information. Screen graphics are created using Allen-Bradley PanelBuilder32, which enables users to import screens and objects from any other PanelView standard application. Price: $325 each.

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