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Compact Photometer Measures LCD's Delay Response Time

Designed specifically for measuring delay response time, flicker intensity, luminance, and contrast of LCD monitors and other display screens, OptiScope is a compact photometer that functions via an optical probe positioned in front of the screen being tested, with the probe sending the gathered light via a fiber optic cable to a detector module. Signals from a photodiode are then converted to digital from by a built-in data acquisition card. These are then transmitted via a GPIB to a computer with software for processing sample intensity and frequency. Response time, flicker intensity, and other parameters are then computed and displayed on a readout similar to an oscilloscope. The system also includes a tunable trigger generator to automate measurements by directly monitoring the drivers of screen under test. Containing all the necessary monitoring hardware and processing software, the system is suited for R&D, quality inspection, and for companies running benchmarks to evaluate display products and compare graphics technologies.

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