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Electronic Design

Companies Back DLP Projector

DLP Products from Texas Instruments demonstrated second-generation pico-projector prototypes that three manufacturers — Foxconn, Sypro Optics and Young Optics — plan to design into mobile products. DLP's latest prototype is like a slim cell phone that measures about 10 millimeters in thickness and has no fan or other moving parts. DLP enhanced the picture quality of its smallest projector, The pico, DLP's smallest projector, has increased picture quality with the "speckle-free solution," that uses the same DLP display technology as HDTVs and projectors. The projector will allow viewers to watch clear image and video clips on a surface area of up to a piece of paper. "The DLP pico-projector technology has serious potential to redefine the mobile display viewing experience," Frank J. Moizio, manager of Emerging Markets Business for TI DLP Front Projection, said in a statement. Most mobile devices today have screens that are less than 3.5 inches, Moizio said. "Our innovation opens the opportunity to have information and video displayed in a much more compelling way, without compromise to the size of current mobile devices," he added. Foxconn, Sypro Optics, and Young Optics will collaborate to make both DLP-integrated and standalone products ubiquitous.

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