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Complete Hardware/Software Package Enables Internet Radio

Debuting at CES 2009, the cost-optimized Venice 6.2 hardware module and accompanying IR2.0 Software Development Kit (SDK) from Frontier Silicon offer a complete hardware and software package for consumer electronics manufacturers of Internet radio devices. The packages enable products that allow multiple content streams, Internet radio, DAB/DAB+/DMB-A, FM, network audio, USB, and premium music services. Typical applications include tabletop AM/FM radios, mini-systems, micro-systems, HTIB, iPod and MP3 docking products, and audio/video receivers.

The Venice 6.2 module provides complete hardware functionality for networked audio solutions, including built-in IEEE 802.11b/g wireless LAN functionality, eliminating the need for a separate wireless module. The module features the company’s Chorus 2 baseband system-on-a-chip (SoC), which integrates a multi-tasking, multi-threading META processor that has been designed to address DAB and networked audio applications.

IR2.0 is a comprehensive software stack for Internet radio and DAB, enabling network connectivity—either wired via Ethernet or wireless using IEEE 802.11b/g. The software also provides audio decoding in MP3, WMA, AAC, and Real formats, an advanced user interface for control and content browsing, and a system management function that includes network discovery and system configuration. The user interface can be further customized for the OEM or ODM, in order to provide a unique appearance and to enhance the user experience.

In addition to providing a silicon and software solution, the Venice 6.2 module is available as part of Jupiter 6.2, a fully qualified reference platform that provides a complete Internet radio reference design, with DAB/DAB+/DMB-A capability and an LCD graphic display supporting Frontier Silicon’s enhanced user interface. The Jupiter 6.2 platform is fully tested to conform to wireless network connectivity and will include wireless certifications as well as an interoperability certification program. Comprehensive certification support enables customers wishing using the Venice 6.2 module to certify their products with minimal time-to-market and cost.

Frontier Silicon

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