Electronic Design

Components: 19-in. Rackmount LCD Satisfies Cost-Conscious Applications

A rugged display platform plus a large viewable area—this describes a new 19-in. rackmount flat-panel LCD for applications looking at the bottom line. Featuring a contrast ratio of 500:1, a luminance level of 225 nits, and image quality provided by a 0.299-mm dot pitch, it suits industrial automation, process control, aerospace, medical diagnostics, and defense monitoring applications. With a single-unit price of $1250, it's cost-competitive with 20-in. displays. Other features include a 176° viewing angle, digital and analog inputs, and automatic power-saving modes (Video Electronics Standards Association display power-management signaling) to lower power consumption to 2 W.

Three-Five Systems Inc.
(508) 485-3380

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