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Components: 2.2-in. QCIF TFT LCDs Aim At Mobile Consumer Products

The LQ022B8UD04 2.2-in. thin-film transistor (TFT) LCD display with QCIF resolution (176 pixels by RGB by 220 pixels) is optimized for emerging mobile devices that require high-resolution text, video content, and still images at a price of $80 (for a one-piece engineering sample). The transreflective unit has a dot pitch of 0.066 by 0.198 mm and an active area of 34.848 by 43.56 mm, and it displays 262,144 colors. It measures 42.1 mm wide by 56.6 mm high by 4.2 mm deep, and it features a 60:1 contrast ratio. Response time is 18 ms maximum. Power consumption is low, under 300 mW at full brightness, thanks to the use of white-LED backlighting.

Sharp Microelectronics of the Americas
(800) 642-0261

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