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Components: High-Legibility Graphics/Character LCDs Offer A Rainbow of Colors

Variety is the operative word for six high-legibility graphics/character monochrome LCD displays, as they come in an array of diagonal sizes and character colors. Each 5-V unit operates from ­20°C to 70°C. Both the F-51852 2.8-in. (128 by 64 pixels) and F-51851 5.2-in. (240 by 60 pixels) diagonal displays come in white, blue, green, and yellow. The C-51847 features 20 characters by four lines, while the C-51848 offers 16 by two. The C-51489 features 40 characters by four lines, and the C-51850 has 40 by two. The C series displays come in white, blue, or green. Pricing for the F-51852 starts at $19.07 in OEM lots.

Optex America Inc.
(734) 416-8500

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