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Components: LCD Touchscreens Use IR Light For Superior Reliability

The LCD IRTouch touchscreens boast high transparency, resolution, and reliability. They use infrared touch technology to provide a stable, maintenance-free, and calibration-free solution for point-of-sale and industrial process control displays. Also, they operate from ­41°C to 70°C. They can be operated by any object— finger, gloved hand, or stylus—and they require no pressure on the touchscreen. Response time is 10 to 35 ms. They're available in a full range of standard sizes, from 12.1- to 29-in. diagonals, as well as smaller (8.4 and 10.4 in.) and larger (30 to 100 in.) sizes. Pricing is $128 for a 12.1-in. screen and $149 for a 15.1-in. screen.

Touch International
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