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Computer Targets Industrial Applications

Combining the Windows CE platform with rugged hardware and designed specifically for use in industrial settings, the VersaView CE computer is said to bridge the gap between simple embedded terminals and robust, full-featured computer systems. This industrial application middle ground is occupied, for example, by human machine interface (HMI) and information management systems. The VersaView CE is powered by a Celeron 650-MHz processor, has 256 MB of both flash and RAM, has no moving parts, such as fans or hard drives, and is available with 6.5", 10.4", 12.1" or 15" TFT active-matrix color displays and multiple keypad and touch-screen options. It also comes pre-loaded with the company's RSView Machine Edition runtime software and can support applications such as Microsoft Internet Explorer and terminal services for thin-client applications. ROCKWELL AUTOMATION, Bloomington, MN. (800) 223-5354, ext. 1603.


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