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Controllers Raise Touchscreen Performance Bar

The Gen4 family of TrueTouch touchscreen controllers claim to deliver the best performance in all categories including SNR. They are supposedly the first touchscreen ICs with built-in 10V Tx to drive the touch panel at 10V.  They rely on patent-pending Display Armor technology to achieve unprecedented immunity to noise from every type of display, even low cost noisy displays such as ACVCOM LCDs. Display Armor also allows Gen4 to operate seamlessly with direct lamination, on-cell and in-cell stackups, regardless of the display chemistry. Other notable features include a refresh rate of 400Hz, the ability to scan a capacitive touch panel at 1 kHz, a 32-bit ARM Cortex core, an accuracy and linearity of 0.2 mm, an active power consumption of 2 mW, a deep sleep mode that draws 1.8 mW with wake-up via address match on the COM port, up to 40 I/Os for mobile phone applications, and support for up to four standalone CapSense buttons. CYPRESS SEMICONDUCTOR CORP., San Jose, CA. (800) 541-4736.

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