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Convert Gaussian Laser Beams Into Flat-Tops With Near 100% Efficiency

Gaussian-shaped laser-beam frequency spectrum can now be translated into a collimated flat-top beam that propagates with little change in power and intensity or loss of uniformity over large distances. The Refractive Beam Shaper's basic refractive optical design and technology, patented by IBM, gives the device nearly 100% efficiency. By converting the beam output to a flat-top format, greater precision and resolution can be obtained with minimal loss. The beam shaper is designed for use in displays, lithography, processing (drilling, machining, surgery), high-energy lasers with nonlinear optics, and any application where tight focusing is needed (e.g., microscopy and printing). The product is expected to significantly impact any application using lasers.

Newport Corp.
www.newport.com; (800) 222-6440, (949) 863-3144

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