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Cost-Conscious Network Analyzers Get Lean And Stay Mean

Designed for production-line applications at significantly lower prices than Agilent Technologies' flagship 871x and 872x ENA and PNA series, the company's ENA-L and PNA-L network analyzers provide the basic capabilities needed to characterize active and passive components, such as filters, amplifiers, antennas, cables, and CATV taps. Yet they don't skimp on performance.

Compared to the flagship units, the ENA-L and PNA-L feature a 115-dB dynamic range (versus 101 dB), a sweep speed of 35 ms/sweep (versus 240 ms), a 50-GHz bandwidth for the PNA-L (versus 40 GHz), and a 10-in. LCD screen with optional touchscreen capability (versus a 9-in. monochrome CRT), all at half the weight and a third the depth. They also boast log and segment sweeps in addition to linear and power sweeps, support for Agilent's Electronic Calibration (ECal) modules, and VBA programming with a GUI (versus IBASIC).

The ENA-L series provides increased production-line throughput, optional 75-Ω test ports, and six- and 12-port capabilities using Agilent's 87075C test set. The PNA-L series, available in 10-, 20-, 40-, and 50-GHz bandwidths, features up to 32 channels, up to 16 simultaneous displays, LAN and USB interfaces, up to 16,001 points/trace, a 250-kHz IF bandwidth, and PRN, png, bmp, and jpg graphic formats.

Both series are available now. The ENA-L series ranges from $12,300 to $23,500, and the PNA-L series ranges from $62,000 to $98,000.

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