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Crossplatform Debugger Analyzes And Plots Application Data

The CrossView Pro crossplatform debugger from Tasking Inc. now can analyze data stored on an embedded system and plot it using one of five formats: an x-t plot, an x-y plot, an FFT power spectrum, an FFT waterfall, and an eye diagram. Developers simply select the data and the format. It's ideal for debugging signal-processing applications. Without it, designers would have to examine raw data or add plotting functions to an application.

Another enhancement to CrossView Pro 2.3 lets developers rearrange the contents of status windows. For example, users only need to display the relevant registers. This is very useful with large register-set processors. Any on-chip registers can be displayed, from floating-point to UART register sets. Multiple register-set formats can be configured and displayed. Register bit fields can be set using symbolic values.

Thanks to some other improvements, CrossView Pro is catching up to competitive debuggers. Color now highlights changes in data values in memory and register windows. Its BubbleSpy feature lets users display variable or function values in a popup window simply by sliding the mouse cursor over the variable or function name.

On-chip debugging supports multiple execution environments, including ROM monitor, in-circuit emulator, or JTAG modes. The debugger also supports serial and network remote debugging connections. It's even possible to debug some systems after they're deployed.

CrossView Pro incorporates a simulator to permit debugging without being connected to a test system. The simulator has a peripheral debug interface (PDI) that lets developers simulate peripherals or use virtual peripherals. This debugger also handles task-synchronized breakpoints for a number of embedded operating systems. Users can add custom breakpoints for other embedded operating systems.

The system supports a wide range of processors, from the 8-bit 8051 through the 32-bit PowerPC. It even supports the Infineon Carmel and Motorola DSP56xxx DSPs. The user interface is consistent across processors.

The CrossView Pro debugger is integrated with the Embedded Development Environment, which incorporates assemblers, compilers, a programming-language-sensitive text editor, and other development utilities. Host platforms include Windows, Linux, and Unix.

Prices for CrossView Pro are based on the type of processor and development tools included with the EDE. Contact the company for pricing details.

Tasking Inc., 333 Elm St., Dedham, MA 02026-4530; (781) 320-9400; fax (781) 320-9212;

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