Customers Influence Ford F-150 Instrument-Cluster Redesign

Customers Influence Ford F-150 Instrument-Cluster Redesign

New features in the 2015 F-150 truck include a vehicle-centered display with accessories better equipped for glove-wearing drivers.

Check out the Engineering TV video above to see some new features of the F-150. 

After surveying customers, Ford’s F-150 design team concluded that truck drivers preferred a vehicle-centered display as opposed to revolving media, which led to the development of “MyView.” With “MyView,” customers can pre-set seven top screens in preference order. Users can switch between fuel economy and off-road screens with the touch of a button on the steering wheel.

Carl Diehl, Human Factors Engineer at Ford, says that one key new feature concerns vehicle knobs. The size of standard car knob can be difficult to grasp and turn while wearing gloves. As a result, the team built in larger knobs that are easier to turn for glove-wearing truck drivers. Ford also made the inverter cap for a 400-W converter easier to open when users need to plug in a device.

Other standouts from the list of the F150’s new features include hard buttons on the key pad—once again aiding gloved drivers. Also, the beltline armrest of the front doors was reconstructed so that it can be used as an armrest when the windows are up. A sculpted door handle was put in place to prevent users from losing control on a windy day. In addition, buttons are clustered together for ease of use—light controls, radio controls, and climate controls all form separate groups.

As mentioned, “MyView” allows drivers’ to sort their top seven gauges in the cluster on an 8-in. screen.  Entertainment features all consolidate in one center stack, since it’s not as important as vehicle information. Further features involve grooves in the tailgate handle to enable opening and closing of the tailgate with one hand, and a large box setup that provides enough area to place a pair of workboots. 

Watch the video above for a look at the features in the new F-150, and be sure to check out more videos like this at Engineering TV!

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