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Data Acquisition Recorder Boasts Of Universal Inputs

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Equipped with universal inputs that accept isolated single-ended and differential voltages, thermocouples, pressure transducers, and load cells, the Dash 16u is a portable, 16-channel data acquisition field recorder that is said to eliminate the need for any signal conditioning or additional front-end filtering. With a data sample rate of 0.2 to 200 kHz per channel, the system is well-suited for applications ranging from process trending to transient capture. Other key features include a 10.4" active color display, real-time high-resolution, 300 dpi chart recording, 16 MB of RAM for data capture, and a built-in 100-MB removable ZIP drive for data transfer, archiving, and software updates. The unit also comes with Windows-based AstroVIEW C software for data transfer, review and analysis on a PC. The unit's rugged design makes it best suited for acquiring, viewing and printing data in demanding applications in the aerospace, telecomm, automotive, electric utility, scientific, industrial, and other fields.

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