Electronic Design

Data Terminal Eases Mobile Management

For better field fleet management, the VITA-350P ARM/Xscale, Windows CE Embedded mobile data terminal and TREK-305R 5.7” TFT vehicle-mount display panel offer real-time tracking as well as an efficient dispatch navigation and vehicle data collection system. Connected to an OBDII data streamer, the VITA-350P monitors common performance data such as vehicle and engine speed, fuel level, brake switch status, and odometer data. It can collect data from long haul trucks, private delivery fleets, waste disposal fleets, tank fleets, couriers, trailers, and utility fleets. Reportedly unique, the terminal includes a GPRS module from Siemens (Cinterion) and a GPS module by u-blox. It also comes with APIs to ease application development. The TREK-305R display supports a 5.7” TFT panel with a resistive touch screen and a VESA-compliant mounting kit. It also includes a geographical-information system. For more details and prices, call ADVANTECH CORP., Irvine, CA. (800) 866-6008.

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