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Datalogger Uses PC Parallel Ports

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Requiring no external power supply to log 12-bit, 0V to 5V signals with a 15 kHz sampling rate, ADC-12 simply plugs into the parallel port of a PC. The parallel port plug-sized ADC is supplied with PicoLog data logging software, a powerful yet flexible data logging package for collecting, analyzing and displaying collected data. PicoLog software can collect data at rates from once per second to once per hour, up to 1 million samples. Data can be displayed in graphical or spreadsheet formats or both during and after data collection. Real-time alarms can be set to alert users that signals have exceeded critical limits. Drivers are provided for Windows NT, LabVIEW, Excel and Visual Basic. PicoScope software is included to allow unit to become an oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer and digital multimeter simultaneously.

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