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Datalogging System Includes GPS Module

By integrating a small Sapphire global positioning system (GPS) module, the TDS2020GDL GPS Datalogging System makes it easy to build a custom position datalogger to store location and other sensor information onto PCMCIA or CompactFlash cards. The system draws little battery power, and the GPS receiver can also be switched off for further power savings. Data can be transferred to an Excel spreadsheet or Access database. The unit includes two serial ports and an optional CANbus interface. With Datalogger Wizard, nonprogrammers can easily configure the device to suit individual needs. A keypad and graphics display can be added to create a complete portable instrument. Available from stock, the TDS2020GDL starter pack costs $835.

Saelig Co. Inc.
www.saelig.com; (585) 425-3753

TAGS: Components
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