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DC-AC Inverter Backlights Two 10- To 17-in. Industrial LCD Panels

A recent addition to Taiyo Yuden’s line of compact dc-ac inverters for driving cold-cathode fluorescent lamps (CCFL) in LCD backlighting applications is specifically designed for use with 10- to 17-in. industrial-grade LCD panels (see the figure). The LS6D-1012A-RH inverter provides dual LCD panel capability and has brightness/backlight on-off control. Target applications include medical electronics, machine tools, digital signage, point-of-sale kiosks, touchscreens, and test and measurement equipment.

The RoHS-compliant LS6D-1012A-RH provides an input voltage of 12 V dc and an output current of 3.3 mA to 6 mA rms per lamp. The device’s CCFL driving circuit includes a self-oscillating dc-ac converter, known as a Royer circuit, which minimizes electromagnetic interference (EMI) compared to other control methods. Total device power output is 5 W per lamp, or 10 W total.

Physically, the LS6D-1012A-RH measures only 7.09 in. (180 mm) long by 1.46 in. (37mm) wide by 0.39 in. (10 mm) high. Other specifications include 1500-V rms minimum startup voltage, 2-A maximum input current, and wide operating and storage temperature ranges of –20°C to 70°C and –30°C to 85°C, respectively. The inverter costs $38.80 in OEM quantities. Delivery is 16 weeks ARO for large orders.

Taiyo Yuden Co. Ltd.


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