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Dedicated Testers Speed Up, Simplify Jitter/Timing Analysis

Many applications require de-signers to measure jitter and analyze the timing of fast clock and data signals. Designers typically make these measurements with general-purpose digital scopes with software packages added on for the purpose. But LeCroy has come up with a line of dedicated jitter and timing analyzers aimed at simplifying and speeding up the task.

The J-260 (2-GHz bandwidth) and J-250 (1 GHz) acquire signals at up to 16 Gsamples/s into up to 32 Mpoints of memory, with zero dead time and no trigger jitter on single acquisitions. These devices capture single-ended or differential clocks, including double-data-rate clocks, and data streams. They also perform modulation analysis on spread-spectrum clocks. The J-260's jitter measurement is accurate within 1 ps with 3-σ confidence.

As dedicated analyzers, they have separate JitterTrack, histogram, and measurement buttons that display the requested information in seconds. A Setup Wizard guides users through setup steps, optimizes signal amplitudes, sets acquisition parameters, performs calibration, and displays the signal. The analyzers capture, analyze, and display jitter measurements up to 10 times faster than other instruments, LeCroy says. Multiple simultaneous clock, timing, statistical, and frequency-domain analysis views help designers debug jitter problems.

An optional Edge Conditioner accepts both sides of a differential signal and produces the resultant single-ended signal. It also sharpens the rising edge of either type of signal for more accurate measurements.

Four models are available, all with 16-Gsample/s speed: the J-250 (1 GHz, 16 Mpoints) at $35,180; the J-250-VL (32 Mpoints) at $39,680; the J-260 (2 GHz, 16 Mpoints) at $45,490; and the J-260-VL (32 Mpoints) at $49,990. The AP-Edge Edge Conditioner costs $2490. Delivery is in four to six weeks for the analyzers and 10 to 12 weeks for the AP-Edge.

LeCroy, 700 Chestnut Ridge Rd., Chestnut Ridge, NY 10977-6499; (800) 453-2769; www.lecroy.com.

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