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Desk-Top Power Found In Flat-Panel PC

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Measuring just over 3.5" deep, the PPC-123T flat-panel PC includes a 500-MHz Celeron processor, built-in speakers, a CD- or DVD-ROM, and a flat-panel display, and runs Windows. Target applications for this system are in medical imaging, public information kiosks, and arcade games. Its 12.1" LCD can be replaced with a resistive or capacitive touchscreen. Other features include up to 256 MB of SDRAM, 10/100 BaseT Ethernet interface, one parallel and four serial ports, two USB ports, two PCMCIA ports and a game port. There is also an expansion slot for PCI/ISA, 512 KB of flash PROM, and a hard drive up to 10 GB. The system is base priced at $2,945 each/100.

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