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Development Kits Tackles Color Sensing Chores

Combining ready-to-use color sensor modules with application information, the AECS-1000-AA02 and AECS-1010-AA02 development kits promise fast and easy integration of color detection, measurement, and control capabilities. The AECS-1000-AA02 transmissive kit focuses on self-illumination applications that rely on ambient light, incandescent bulbs, LEDs, or self-emissive displays as a light source. The kit can also determine the color of transparent media, i.e., glass, plastic, or liquid, through which light passes before reaching the sensor. For reflective environments, the AECS-1010-AA02 provides an illuminant-sensor module that employs a white LED as the source. Internal optics focus reflected light onto the color sensor. The kit also includes an alignment tool for maintaining an optimum gap between the sensor and target surface. The transmissive kit measures 33 mm x 28 mm x 35 mm and operates from a 5 Vdc supply with a current consumption of 20 mA typical. Its RGB outputs are analog voltages from 0 to 3V. Including the gap alignment tool, the reflective kit measures 45 mm x 28 mm x 35 mm. It also operates from a single 5 Vdc supply and requires an additional 25 mA to operate the LED. Price for either kit is $142. AGILENT TECHNOLOGIES INC., Palo Alto, CA. (800) 452-4844.


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