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DiBcom brings Digital TV to VDO Dayton

Continental (formerly Siemens VDO) has incorporated mobile TV solutions company DiBcom's DVB-T technology into its VDO Dayton brand of portable navigation devices (PND's). The DiBcom chipsets, which were originally optimized for Mobile TV reception, are now sufficient for use in portable GPS navigators. The company's highly integrated DVB-T front-end receivers (an RF tuner and demodulator in one chip) are small and consume less power, making them a top choice for PND's, according to a DiBcom release. VDO Dayton's two new portable navigators, the PN4000 and the PN6000, are multimedia devices designed specifically for the automotive industry. They have both large screens and entertainment functions. Drivers can use them for displaying maps and traffic information, while passengers can watch music, videos, and digital TV. Since PND's are mostly used in moving vehicles, speed presented a challenge. DiBcom used advanced techniques like diversity-2 reception (dual antenna) and Doppler effect compensation to ensure reliable reception at any speed, according to the release.

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