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Diffusion Filters Enhance Image Clarity, Brightness

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The DR-IIIC light diffusion filters are formulated to diffuse back-lighting and enhance display brightness without changing the internal light source. Cast in lightweight, impact-resistant acrylic in a wide range of light transmissions, the filters are said to efficiently diffuse light to improve image clarity and brightness of letters, numbers and images on back-lit displays. Applications include monochrome and color LCD displays used in marine and automotive electronics, cell phones and pagers, notebook computers, video cameras, cash registers, avionics and industrial instruments. The product comes in thicknesses from 0.3 mm to 2.0 mm, with a color temperature of 6,750K and a light transmission range from 45% to 93%. According to the company, the filters eliminate "hot spots" and "dull areas" typically experienced with conventional filters. Custom configurations are available. ASTRA PRODUCTS INC., Baldwin, NY. (631) 242-1612.

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