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Digital ICs/DSP: Color LCD Drivers Earmarked For Mobile Handheld Systems

A family of color LCD drivers for the mobile-phone market is the fruit borne from a multicompany effort involving Dialog Semiconductor, Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing, and eMemory Technology Inc. The drivers, fabricated on Chartered's 0.35-µm process, incorporate eMemory's embedded one-time programmable memory blocks to hold contrast and other display setup information. The DA8912A and DA8913A drivers provide single-chip solutions for color STN (super-twisted nematic) LCDs and aim at wireless handsets that employ high-resolution color and dual displays for advanced multimedia, video, and gaming applications. The color drivers offer a resolution of up to 65,000 colors and a video rate exceeding 15 frames/s. Contact the company for volume pricing.

Dialog Semiconductor Plc.

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