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Digital ICs/DSPs: Complete Digital/HDTV Decoder Block Meets All FCC TV Mandates

A block of silicon IP will make it easier and more cost-effective for TV manufacturers to meet the FCC requirement that half of all TV sets 36 in. or larger sold after July 1 include digital TV capabilities. The IP provides a complete, integrated audio and video system processor for digital TV, including HDTV. Ready for incorporation into a TV or set-top box, it will decode and display all standard ATSC digital TV signals at any resolution the TV can accommodate. Any input format can be displayed at HDTV resolution (1080i and 720p) or standard resolution (480p and 480i). The system also includes full Dolby Digital (AC-3) capabilities for receiving and playing 5.1-channel surroundsound. The display processor can scale pictures for zoom-in or zoom-out effects as well. For licensing details, contact the company.

Sarnoff Corp.

TAGS: Components
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