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Digital Multimeter Flaunts A Low Pricetag

Agilent Technologies is offering an affordable digital multimeter for cost-conscious users and educational institutions.

The Agilent 34405A is a 5.5-digit benchtop digital multimeter that the company claims has 0.025% DC accuracy and 120,000 counts resolution. It conducts AC and DC measurements, which can be viewed on a dual display, and comes with a built-in USB interface.

The 34405A features various measurement functions, including two-wire resistance, frequency, continuity, and diode test. It also offers standard commands for programmable instrumentation (SCPI) compatibility, the Agilent IO library suite, and DMM Intuilink connectivity software.

The Agilent 34405A digital multimeter is now available.

The Agilent 34405A is priced at $745

Visit www.agilent.com/find/34405A

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