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Digital-Multimeter/Software Package Creates DAQ System

Forming a complete data-acquisition (DAQ) system, the 38XR digital multimeter (DMM) and 38SW software combination includes a 10,000-count, full-function digital multimeter with companion Windows-based data logging, as well as PC interface cabling. The 38SW software logs, displays, and stores data from the 38XR measurement functions for later retrieval and further analysis. It can also export data for advanced analysis, charting, and reporting in Microsoft Excel. The 38XR offers up a full set of basic and specialty measurements, including temperature, frequency, 4- to 20-mA control loop percent, and duty cycle. The DAQ system costs $169.90.

Wavetek Meterman
www.metermantesttools.com; (877) 596-2680

TAGS: Components
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