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DIGITAL PANEL METERS-Highly-detailed information and complete specifications on firm's digital panel meters, panel printers and associated instrumentation products for OEMs is featured in firm's 36-page 1998 Acculex Catalog and Reference Guide. The selection guide and technical information are designed to help the OEM and system integrator choose the proper equipment for their applications. New products featured in the guide include the DP-899 process indicator alarm, a microprocessor-based product that allows user selection of high and low setpoints, and the triggering of an alarm relay output according to the process value in relations to the setpoints; a line of compact, slimline design meters for direct temperature measurements; and the DP-7000 Series of six-digit LCD displays, counters, timers, and ratemeters for use in electronic subassemblies. Catalog sections include: product selection guides; digital panel meters/voltage measurement; current loop measurement/process monitors; temperature measurement; counters, timers, ratemeters; panel printers/printer accessories; handheld instruments and accessories; accessories; and miscellaneous.


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