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Digital Scopes Squeeze Big Performance In A Little Box

The latest WaveRunner digital oscilloscopes from LeCroy eliminate the common tradeoff between performance, display size, and bench footprint. The 10.4-in. TFT-LCD color display provides SVGA resolution (800 by 600 pixels) while maintaining a scope depth of only 6 in. The series includes the four-channel, 400-MHz WR 44Xi and the 600-MHz WR 62Xi (two channels) and WR 64Xi (four channels).

All three sample at 5 Gsamples/s on all channels, and the 600-MHz models interleave for up to 10 Gsamples/s (see the figure). Each offers a standard memory of 2 Mpoints/channel (4 Mpoints interleaved), which delivers a maximum capture time of 400 µs at the top sample rate. Optional memory runs to 12 Mpoints/channel.

The scopes are packed with analysis capabilities, including many standard measurement parameters and functions. Histograms help users understand worst-case timing performance. Track can be used to pinpoint unwanted signal variations, and two measurement values can be multiplied.

The WaveStream Fast Viewing Mode provides brightness-graded intensity with a decay time similar to the action of a phosphor on an analog screen. So, users can easily see the intensity of a signal over a period of time. This mode operates at up to 10 Gsamples/s with an update rate of up to 8000 waveforms/s for better capture of higher-frequency abnormal events.

Prices range from $8500 to $9500 for the WaveRunner 44Xi, $7500 to $9000 for the 62Xi, and $10,000 to $11,500 for the 64Xi.

LeCroy Corp.

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